Plerdy is an up-to-date conversion optimization tool power-packed with a wide selection of useful components. Whether it is ranking higher on search engines, creating a potent sales funnel, or managing unique popup forms, everything about this tool is geared towards sealing the deal and making sales. This digital marketing powerhouse provides a chance to use tools such as heatmaps, popup forms, user session analytics, and SEO audits to better understand what’s going on behind the scenes. This can become a launching pad for digital marketers wishing to build a stronger, more reliable digital base for all of their marketing endeavors.

Increase online sales every day with a little bit of help from Plerdy. A Conversion Rate Optimization Tool trusted by over 1,500 companies worldwide, it improves both conversion rates and website usability. Plerdy takes just 30 seconds to install, and it is compatible with all domains. It integrates seamlessly with other online services and works on both desktop and mobile devices.
Plerdy is a cost-efficient Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Tool for marketing beginners and seasoned professionals alike. All data transfers are protected with SSL technology, and it generates reports at lightning-fast speeds, without slowing your website down.

Improve conversion rates and site usability

Increase sales everyday

Over 1500 Companies improve their websites with Plerdy


Simple installation

The one-time installation that only takes 30 seconds

Cost efficiency

Many free functions for marketing beginners

Data security

The data transfer is protected with SSL technology


Click reports are created instantly


The installed script doesn’t overload your website

Website improvement

All your changes will be based on real click data

Additional metrics

Assess usability based on heatmap data and analyze the effectiveness of smart pop-up forms using the CTR Integration

Easily integrate Plerdy with other online services


Enjoy seamless work in all popular browsers and with all popular screen resolutions