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Discover and Optimize Your Customers’ Journeys
Pointillist customer journey analytics software rapidly uncovers customer insights, so you can dramatically improve customer experience.

Pointillist Named as a Leader in Customer Journey Analytics and Orchestration
Forrester Research has named Pointillist as a Leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Journey Orchestration Platforms, Q2 2020. [Read more]

Powerful Insights. Visualized. Actionable.

Visualize Real Customer Journeys
Stop wasting time with sticky notes and journey mapping tools, which can’t help you uncover the unscripted behaviors that occur in the real world. Our customer journey analytics software reveals the actual paths your customers take, as they engage with your company across touchpoints and over time.

Measure the Impact of Customer Behavior on Your Metrics and KPIs
Real-time customer behavior drives the quantitative metrics you’re measured by, like revenue, customer lifetime value, churn, CSAT and NPS®. Unlike other customer analytics solutions, Pointillist lets you connect the dots between customer interactions and business goals in seconds, rather than days or weeks.

Create Personalized Customer Experiences
Your customers expect personalized experiences driven by their current preferences and recent interactions. Pointillist enables you to engage your customers at optimal points along their journey, in real time and through the most effective channels.