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Creative Advertising Technology
Social Display

Brands run their most powerful creative assets from social platforms on the websites that they trust the most with Polar’s Social Display.

Social Display for Agencies

Combine the power of social creative with the efficiencies of programmatic workflows to deliver better results for clients. Agencies use Polar to extend social creatives on the web programmatically in display inventory. Polar creatives are supported in every major DSP, SSP and measurement technology.

Social Display for Publishers

A powerful direct-sold ad format for advertisers to extend social creatives on to trusted publisher websites. Hundreds of publishers in 20+ countries use Polar to offer Social Display as a direct-sold ad product to their advertiser clients. Polar creative tags are flighted through existing publisher ad servers in existing display ad inventory, requiring no tech integrations.

Branded Content for Publishers

Publishers use Polar to promote their direct-sold branded content on-site through native ad formats. Over 2,500 publisher sites have delivered over 100 billion direct-sold native ads using Polar over the past several years.