Social media marketing can be effective!
Do you have several pages on different social platforms?
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Maintaining accounts in social networks brings in few clients. You make posts, but the number of subscribers increases only slightly and clients don’t come.

Social media marketing is spontaneous. Account posts are made when you have time for them and have little of your primary work.

Due to the uneven placement of content in accounts, the natural reach of publications decreases. And you have to spend money on advertising in order to attract subscribers and customers.
Regular publishing with the POSTOPLAN system is key to generating 74% more traffic and subscribers from social networks.

With POSTOPLAN you can schedule a time for posting when the target audience is most interested. The system will publish them without your participation. Automatically.

With POSTOPLAN, your content is automatically published on schedule and is seen by an increasing number of people. With regular posting, your reach will increase by 30-70%. For free.