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A Cheat Code For Cold Outreach
Write High Converting First Lines FASTER.
Increase your open, response and call booking rates with our AI-powered first line generator and deep social data scraping.

Tired of writing personalized first lines?
Quicklines makes it easy to generate personalized first lines that actually convert to meetings.
Say goodbye to that spreadsheet. Hire an AI-powered robot as your next assistant to save more time and get better results from your cold outreach.

We Help You
Send Better Cold Messages, Faster.
Generate thousands of personalized first lines in one click.

Deep Social Data Scraping

Trained AI-Powered Generation

New Lines in Under 3 Seconds

Data Doesn’t Lie.
Improve Your Cold Outreach Performance

Unlock Superpowers For Your Cold Outreach.
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Social Data Scraping. We dive into your prospect’s social channels to find the best angle for your first line.
AI-Powered Line Writing. We write natural, authentic first lines to help you build better relationships.
Consistent Performance. Don’t worry about awkward, inconsistent first lines when you are using Quicklines.

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