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Yes, You can have it all! Simplicity, Affordability & Security
We’ve worked with 20 different content management systems over the past 25 years. We understand first-hand the pros and cons of simple site builders, open source software and enterprise CMSs. Armed with this knowledge we built the most secure CMS on the Planet for small to medium size organizations. That’s why governments, NGO’s, institutes, and associations around the world select QuickSilk as their content management system of choice.

See Why QuickSilk Takes A “No Compromise” Approach
QuickSilk’s SaaS CMS platform addresses a built in market compromise that forces organizations to select from two of three options: Simplicity, Affordability or Security.

QuickSilk provides the drag & drop simplicity of website builders, with the security of large enterprise platforms – at Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) that is comparable to open source software.

Reduce Costs
There’s no coding with QuickSilk’s drag & drop interface and yet it still delivers more functionality than popular CMSs like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. No worrying about website software and the associated updates and maintenance, as this is all included with QuickSilk. No concerns about security as QuickSilk is the most secure CMS platform on the planet. Relax, because QuickSilk is monitoring your website 24×7 to ensure its up and operational. And finally, if there ever is a problem, HELP is just a phone call or email way. Managing your website has never been easier allowing you to focus on your business and leverage your website to promote your company and service your stakeholders.

Improve Productivity
QuickSilk’s ease of use takes the magic out of website development. It’s a product that non-IT people can master quickly and easily to build, maintain and update your website. You are no longer at the mercy of or constrained by technology and access to skilled resources. QuickSilk is an all-inclusive platform so there’s no “finger pointing” when there is an issue or problem – a simply call to QuickSilk (if we have not already detected the problem) and it will be fixed promptly and expeditiously.

Drive More Traffic to Your Website
The term “Build it and they will come” does not apply to websites. As the growth of the internet increases exponentially it is more important than ever to employ a sound SEO strategy and drive visitors to your website. QuickSilk offers the most advanced platform available to implement your on-page SEO strategy. Business people reap the benefits of these capabilities with increased traffic and engagement, while “SEOphiles” leverage features like Keyword-Rich URLs, Page and Global Meta robot tags, Auto-Generated XML sitemaps, just to name a few.

Here are a Few More Reasons Organizations Choose QuickSilk
Security is a passion at QuickSilk and we pride ourselves in being the most secure CMS on the planet. You can visit our content management security page to understand the steps we take to make this claim. And versus our primary competitors, we are the only CMS subjecting our platform to independent penetration testing.

Easy to use
Create unique websites for your events, programs, and fundraising initiatives from a single system. This feature is also helpful in enhancing your SEO and digital content footprint — the more information you offer the world, the higher the possibility is of it reaching more people, and you truly making the difference you’ve set out to make.

Sometimes there are never enough hours in the day, we get it. That’s why we’ve integrated with many of your favourite apps. Google Analytics and MailChimp are prime examples of the third party services integrated in our platform. If you don’t see a feature you need, please let us know. We might already be working on it.