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Website Rank Tracking Service
Check your website positions and analyze your competitors in popular Search Engines

Measure Your Internet Visibility
Stop riding blind! With Rankinity you can quickly get a visual representation of your website Internet visibility.

Real-time check of hundreds of keywords in multiple Search Engines including local search by countries and cities allows you to estimate your standings, reveal weaknesses in your promotion strategy and make necessary adjustments. And with detailed reports and automatic analysis of competition you will find the real effect of your SEO activity.

Compare Your Positions to Competitors
Be proactive! Remember, your competitors are not sleeping. Analyze competition for your target keywords with Rankinity and find out which of your rivals are the most dangerous, for what keywords your site underperforms, and does your Internet visibility matches competitors.

Search position history represents competition dynamics, while visual inforgraphics allows you to estimate the situation in a glance. With the Rankinity service you can analyze your competitors just as easy as your own website!

Reveal new players on the market
Strategic research is a pledge of your future success! Rankinity bestows you with a unique capability to automatically locate new fast-growing websites and individual pages on your topic in the search results.

Like a high-precision radar Rankinity helps you find all social accounts, blogs, forums and any other websites and pages settled in Search Engine visibility range. And with these data you will be able to discover new options for partnership, to enhance your SEO strategy and to stand out from the competition.

Enhance Your Promotion Strategy
Search Engine optimization isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon. Even an ideally optimized site tends to lose its rankings with the lapse of time, if its owner doesn’t put much into promotion.

Rankinity helps you to evaluate the success rate of your SEO and promotion activity and therefore to start acting differently if old methods have stopped working. Find out the most efficient SEO channels and focus your efforts on them, enhance your promotion strategy with Rankinity!

Rank Tracker Features
Fast check of any volumes
Powerful Rankinity infrastructure makes it easy to check positions from one to a million keywords.

Support for multiple Search Engines
We support website position checking in Google (Mobile & Desktop), Google Maps, Bing and Yandex.

Local search by country and city
For all Search Engines there is an ability to configure location at the city, region or country level.

Automatic and manual check
Check the positions manually or according to the schedule, on any day of the week or on the first day of each month.

Website Visibility Analysis
Single indicator of SEO performance
Evaluate your promotion steps using a single indicator of website visibility by all keywords at once.

Visibility by keyword groups
Split your keywords into groups and track the visibility of individual pages of your site.

Visibility overview by all projects
Sort all projects by visibility and quickly find problem areas.

Configure the visibility formula
Use the ability to set the weight of keywords to calibrate the visibility formula to your requirements.

Competition Analysis
Unlimited number of competitors
Analyze the positions, visibility and promotion dynamics of competitors without any restrictions.

Identify the causes of ups and downs
A sharp change in visibility at the same time for most competitors may mean updating search algorithms.

Quickly find leaders
Sort competitors by visibility, look at micrographs and immediately identify the best players.

Discover hidden competitor strategies
Identify all pages on competing websites and track their SEO progress.

SERP Links Analysis
Site map for all domains
View all indexed links of each website from the search results.

Discover the best links
Find links with maximum visibility by each keyword group.

Promotion opportunities
Quickly find forums, blogs, social and educational resources in search results by your keywords.

All links from search results at a glance
Checking the positions, we collect all the links from the search results and build related databases of keywords and links individually for each project. This approach provides new opportunities for analyzing website visibility and researching competition on your topic. The following data becomes available to you:

A complete list of unique links by your keywords in any Search Engine.
Visibility history for each link by all keywords and by groups.
Visible keywords with position history for each link.
Each individual link as under a microscope, and at the same time, all links are collected in convenient tables and supplemented by visibility graphs. To analyze this data, you always have at hand the complete set of necessary tools: sorting, searching and filtering for all links and domains from the search results.

Additional Features
Invite your colleagues and clients with full or read-only access to your projects.

White Label
Run Rankinity on your domain using your brand, logo and favicon.

Affiliate link
Use the link to Rankinity on your resources, and get 10% of payments from invited users.

Rankinity API
Integrate with Rankinity by API, get full access to your account.

Use Rankinity on Any Device
Rankinity service is implemented as a progressive web application. This modern technology combines the advantages of internet sites and native applications, being in essence the result of the evolution of these two directions.

Thanks to the use of this technology, you can easily run Rankinity on any mobile device and on any operating system without limiting functionality and speed of work.

Here are the main advantages of this approach:

Ability to work on mobile phones, tablets and personal computers.
No need to download the app from the AppStore or Google Play.
Progressive web application almost does not take up space in the phone memory.
Ability to set the application icon on the phone screen.
Fast work speed due to the caching of the main components of the application.
Automatic update when new versions are released.
Guaranteed security through the use of HTTPS.
To get started, just open the application link After downloading the page you will receive a fully-functional application that you can use immediately.