RankIQ – Write Content that Ranks on Google’s 1st Page

Our SEO toolset uses AI to tell you exactly what to put in your blog post and title, in order to rank on the 1st page of Google. We’re giving away $10k of 1-year memberships to the 30 people on the waitlist who invite the most friends.

We Make SEO Easy

We take out all the complex language that many SEO tools have, so that you can quickly write a comprehensive blog post that outranks your competition. Watch the video to see how RankIQ works.

Our Founder is One of the World’s Top SEOs

The man behind our AI software is Brandon Gaille. He hosts The Blogging Millionaire podcast and gets over 4 million monthly visitors to his personal blogs from organic Google search.

Construct Blog Post Outlines in Minutes

Our AI content report identifies the topics that Google’s ranking algorithm wants you to cover, so that you can create a complete outline in a matter of minutes.

Create Content that Ranks on Page One

The AI-powered writing assistant will tell you everything you need to add to your post to build a comprehensive piece of content that will be able to rank on the 1st page of Google.

Optimize Old Posts for Big Traffic Gains

In less than 30 minutes, you can optimize an old underperforming post and turn it into a top performer. This is one of the easiest ways to increase your traffic and income.

Boost Rankings with Perfectly SEO’d Titles

Our top 30 SERP analysis reveals the keywords that Google likes the most in titles. You’ll be able to craft a top-notch title from the words that are proven to deliver 1st page rankings.