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Squeeze the maximum from your Google Ads budget
RecommendMe helps small businesses get more clients by optimising Google Ads campaigns with automated recommendations.

Discover ways to increase your customer base
AI never misses an issue or opportunity. It detects ineffective advertising campaigns in their early stages, preventing further any loss of money.
One click integration. Everything is plain and simple
It takes a minute to connect to the service and just a few minutes more to gain insight & take action. No special knowledge or coding needed.
Be one step ahead of your competitors
Get clear steps on how to make your campaigns work more efficiently, at a much lower cost. Implement changes in one click.
Focus on your business goals, not advertising metrics
Forget about the enormous number of advertising metrics to evaluate ad performance. All the insights are based on your business KPIs.

How it works
1 Connecting to your AdWords accounts
Recommendme pulls and transforms your data.
2 Processing and understanding your situation
It detects anomalies by analyzing every conceivable dimension of the data.
3 Converting findings into insights
Every possible issue or positive anomaly is analyzed, and relevant recommendations are attached to it.