Manage feedback with clarity
Responster gives you the tools, collaboration, and control you need to power your feedback process – from customer satisfaction to employee engagement – all in one place.

How it works
1. Simple Setup
Design a survey in our drag and drop builder using advanced question logic, beautiful themes, and complete customization.

2. Painless Collection
Gather realtime data by sharing your surveys anywhere and everywhere – from web, to mobile, to on-site tablet kiosks.

3. Actionable Insights
Easily sort through your data with a robust set of filters and reporting tools to pick out trends your company can act on.

The top feedback-driven companies in their industries have been shown to outgrow the nearest competition by over 2X.
That’s because they can…

Companies who use feedback tools can spot and ride trends, rather than chasing them after the fact.
Companies with a constant finger on the pulse of their customers, employees, and markets are in a better position to adapt and quickly make smart directional choices.
Crush the competition
Companies who actively reach out to customers have higher levels of engagement, brand recognition, and brand loyalty in their markets.