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RevTap is an AI-driven Shopify analytics platform. Put your marketing and store data to work and increase online sales in no time.

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Connect your existing Shopify analytics and marketing tools to RevTap with a single click. There’s no need to start from scratch!

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Analyze data across multiple channels to identify changing shopper behavior and revenue opportunities. Never miss a beat!

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Get actionable data-driven e-commerce marketing strategies based on industry best practices and competitive benchmarks. Time to get ahead of competitors!

Create your Shopify analytics dashboard
Stop losing data (and customers) in transition. Connect all your eCommerce marketing, sales, and analytics apps to RevTap. Watch all your data come alive and turn into actionable e-commerce marketing strategies to increase online sales.

Get closer to your shoppers
Dig deeper into your multi-channel campaign performance and understand the changing shopper behavior to derive key insights. Use Shopify analytics to get closer to your shoppers and turn market opportunities into more sales and revenue for your store.

Take action and grow your Shopify store
RevTap analyzes data across all your tools to generate actionable e-commerce marketing strategies. Take notes, implement and then sit back and watch your Shopify store sales grow!

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