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Introducing the OneView Ad Platform:

A single platform for marketers and content owners to reach more cord cutters and measure performance using the largest TV identity dataset. Advertisers can manage their entire campaigns – including OTT, linear TV, omnichannel, and more – all in one place.

All TV advertising will be streamed

Roku delivers relevant audiences and measurable results.

39.8 million active account.
13.2 billion streaming hours.
54% of Roku users are cordless.
The Roku platform
The Roku platform enables content providers and advertisers to reach a massive and highly engaged consumer audience. Roku’s sophisticated advertising tools built for streaming enable Roku advertising to deliver relevant audiences and measurable results to brands and agencies. Brands are drawn to our targeted, more measurable form of advertising as well as the flexible solutions we offer, such as sponsorship and interactive overlay.

Roku data, measurement and inventory are natively available for buyers within the OneView Ad Platform enabling buyers to transact programmatically, buying inventory from both Roku and publishers directly, all while leveraging Roku’s proprietary first-party data, measurement and optimization capabilities. We believe in the future that all advertising will be streamed.