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Prioritize relationships, not just transactions.

Sana Commerce is an e-commerce platform for SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. We help distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers succeed by fostering lasting relationships with customers who depend on them. Want to see how?

Make your ERP and e-commerce work as one
E-commerce for Microsoft Dynamics

Sana Commerce uses the existing data and logic stored in your Microsoft Dynamics or Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, making your ERP and e-commerce work as one. The results? Your customers benefit from a convenient, reliable and constantly evolving online experience.

E-commerce for SAP

Sana Commerce eliminates system silos by making your SAP or SAP Business One ERP and e-commerce work as one. This guarantees a convenient and reliable experience for your customers, and gives you the agility to quickly respond to their evolving needs.

Total customer convenience

Empower your customers with personalized self-service and complete transparency.

Reliability without compromise

Eliminate errors and delays for an online experience your customers can always
rely on.

Constant evolution

Quickly and easily adapt your business to meet and exceed your customers’ evolving expectations.

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