SearchMan is dedicated to gathering and sharing data which helps the app economy make smarter decisions and grow faster.

Nearly 6,000,000 iOS & Android Apps
Deep dashboards for any app
Study Competitors & Monitor Rankings
Spreadsheet Solution
Unlimited access to SearchMan data via flexible queries and delivered in Spreadsheet format. Ideal for:

Marketers and Advertising Professionals

Easily create Unified Dashboards
Flexible custom Reports & Notifications
Optimize RTB, Keyword and Twitter Ads
Target look-a-like and similar audiences
Enhanced App Store Optimization

Keyword Spy, Related Keywords, Trending Searches
App Search & App Recommendations
API Solution
Allows Technical Marketing, Product & Engineering Development full access to SearchMan metadata via an API. This unprecedented access enables many services such as:

unique internal & external reports & dashboards
use data to optimize product & sales decisions
tune marketing activities (UA, Advertising …etc)
media companies creating App Store experiences