Sentiment Search


Condense thousands of conversations across your city into actionable competitive intelligence.
Improved Rating
Get contextual insights tailored specifically for restaurants that will help improve your rating.

Better Marketing Campaigns
Use our sentiment analysis technology to pinpoint your strengths and create more effective marketing campaigns.

Save Time
Get all your customer reviews, Tweets, comments, news articles and insights in one place.

Competitor Benchmarking
Identify the strengths of your competitors and identify aspects of your restaurant that are underperforming.

Minimise Damage
Identify every negative comment about your restaurant across the Internet and take preventive measures.

Insights In Your Inbox
Get all high priority insights in your inbox, daily. Log in to our dashboard only if you need to deep-dive.

What is Sentiment Search?
Get contextual and actionable insights based on data from thousands of restaurants in your city.

Sentiment Search aggregates reviews, Tweets, blog posts and news articles for thousands of restaurants in your city.

Using Artificial Intelligence, we analyse every sentence in every review and Tweet in order to understand how customers perceive your restaurant relative to the competition.