SEO Dub – Track and Forecast SEO Rankings

First user-friendly solution that allows you to monitor and predict your SEO rankings with the help of machine learning. Spend less time on guessing and more time on growing.

Precise Rank Tracking

All your SEO keyword rankings in one place. By using cutting edge technologies and multiple independent sources of data, SEO Dub provides the most accurate ranking information.

Forecasting SEO Rankings

SEO Dub doesn’t just report rankings, but it gives a highly accurate prediction of future positions. Each simulation is based on millions of data points collected from auditing over 120,000 webpages.

SEO Monitoring

SEO job is not complete without a proper list of tasks and opportunities to act on. SEO Dub will audit your URL while comparing it to the top 3 SEO competitors to report on what’s needing your attention.

Advanced Analysis

Information collected from auditing websites is hard to analyze. Now with SEO Dub, you will get the end result of data analysis performed by our advanced machine learning system. All with an intuitive scoring system and presented in an easy to digest form.