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SEO Radar is an online marketing software that monitors your web pages for specific changes. The tool will alert the user if there are issues with potential serious SEO consequences. You will get notified when no-index tags appear, titles change, canonicals break, and much more. SEO Radar will check for a hundred distinct website changes and warn the users when these changes occur. You don’t have to sift through a heap of data to know the health of your web page when you have this tool. It is a great time saver for both newbie as well as experienced marketers.

Watching, warning and protecting your SEO traffic

SEORadar monitors your pages for SEO specific changes and alerts users to issues with potential dire SEO consequences.

Get notified when titles change, noindex tags appear, canonicals break, and much more. SEORadar checks for over 100 distinct site changes and warns users when they occur.

You can’ afford SEO Surprises!

No need to sift through a mountain of data to know the health of your websites.

Alert Details
The alert details window shows you the exact details of each site change that may have an SEO impact.
Whether it is a title change, a 301 morphing into a 302, or a meta-robots noindex appearing on your page; the exact details will appear here!

Domain Overview
The domain overview summarizes the most recent crawl and provides access to the full history of site changes.
Get an indispensable archive of all page changes, alerts and screenshots to aid in analyzing shifts in key performance metrics.

Crawl Summary
Provides details of all changes with SEO impact for a specific crawl.
Zoom in to see exactly what changed. You can also create a full HTML diff report vs. the previous crawl and compare screenshots.