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The world’s first browser built for SEO

Your tool for accurate and professional SERP analysis

An app built around the SERP
Google search for SEO professionals

SEOBrowse allows you to conduct accurate and professional SERP audits in our unique custom-built browser interface. SEOBrowse provides you with a guaranteed clean search environment to research, analysis and report on all aspects of the search results.

Key features include:
Search from any city, state or country in the world.
Guaranteed accurate Google search results.
Export the top 100 search results to Excel.
Quick screenshotting, annotating and reporting.
Available for both Windows and Mac.
What is SEOBrowse?

SEOBrowse is a software tool available for MacOS and Windows. At its core SEOBrowse has a Chrome-based browser, with a built-in global VPN and a custom user interface that allows your to control your search session (device, location, search engine) and adds specialized tools to conduct professional SERP analysis and reporting.