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Sending messages on VKontakte
Senler is a convenient platform for organizing mass and automatic mailing of personal messages on VKontakte on behalf of your communities.

Service features
Official methods
The service is based on using only official VK API methods .
Personalizing messages
Variables can be used in messages: name, gender, country, city, marital status of the recipient.
High deliverability
100% message deliverability is ensured by the consent of the users themselves to receive messages.
Detailed statistics on sent messages and subscribers allows you to predict the pace of development of your community.
Delayed mailing allows you to plan the sending of messages in the best way for you and your customers.
Community app
The Senler subscription app is located in the Featured Apps Catalog .
Media attachments
You can add a photo, video, audio recording, playlists, document, wall post and product to the message.
Access control
Give your employees access to manage mailings and track statistics.
You can install a subscription widget on the community wall.

Types of mailings
Group mailing
The message is sent to users who have subscribed to the selected mailing list of your group.
Auto messages
Construct an automated message thread after subscribing to keep your target audience warm.
Targeted mailing
Messages are sent at a specified time to selected members of your community.