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Marketing and Customer Engagement

Engage your website visitors, convert more customers, encourage repeat purchases to existing shoppers.

SEO Friendly

We know that ranking high on search engine is your priority. Our engineers worked really hard to build your store SEO optimized.


Generate discount coupons automatically or manually. Add various conditions to apply coupon code as per your strategy.

Reward Point

Strengthen your customer loyalty by offering them rewards and benefits.

Campaign Tracking

Get complete visibility to all marketing campaigns and evaluate its performance from your Shopaccino dashboard.

Example: Track campaigns running at Google, Facebook, Email Marketing, etc.
Customer Engagement

Engage and retain your customer with smart tools. Increase your brand visibility and sales.

Example: Auto SMS, Auto E-mailer to abandoned orders, etc.

Ecommerce Platform (2014 to Present)

The solution revealed with the blending of our strong IT expertise, ecommerce specialized team, and repository of the requirements by ecommerce website owners, which is now served hot as Shopaccino- a next-generation ecommerce platform, loaded with a comprehensive set of tools one requires to create own online store, receive orders, accept payments, manage inventory, process shipping, track marketing and fetch well-defined reports all in the same software.

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