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Site Bulb is an award-winning site crawler designed to recognize how a website is doing and what it needs to do better. This empowering website audit tool sheds light on a multitude of data points including broken links, missing HTML coding, missing crawled pages, and more. Building a strong, well-rounded website begins by building a comprehensive foundation. This tool offers information on how to take the site to the next level and what it is being done wrong from an SEO perspective. This is key data to contemplate, analyze, and implement to progress and optimize. With this tool, auditing a site becomes easier than ever before.

Sitebulb is an award-winning SEO tool that delivers instantly actionable insights and intuitive data visualizations

Sitebulb is a powerful website crawler with the world’s most insightful reporting system.
Ready-made recommendations
Hundreds of context-specific hints that highlight important issues and show you what to focus on.

Identify technical SEO problems without having to dig around for hours.

Data visualization
Graphs and charts to help you understand what the data actually means. They also look awesome in your client reports.

Audit comparison
Track historical trends and changes over time.

See what has changed and demonstrate improvements graphically.