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Consumer Data, (De)Coded.

Next-generation business and investment strategies
rooted in the voice of the consumer

350+ million social posts a month
We structure and contextualize our data into 7 market verticals, allowing you to instantly measure market share, benchmark performance, and track emerging trends without the need for boolean queries.

Explore the data without the added work
Our dynamic user interface provides a wide array of data visualization tools designed to facilitate rigorous data exploration, discovery, and analysis.

Key insights, faster than ever before
We combine our proprietary technology with a team of experienced consultants in an innovative live workshop format, enabling you to ask your most pressing questions in real-time.

Case Studies


Consumer data has always been a key staple of corporate strategy for CPG firms. Learn how our clients are taking their consumer analytics to the next level with the help of Social Standards.

Social Standards serves as a valuable partner to investment groups looking for a competitive advantage. Learn how our data can help you make better, faster investment decisions, and give you valuable insight as part of your M&A Strategy.