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The search platform your content deserves.
Swiftype Site Search helps you sell more, get the right answer to more people on your platform and surface relevant content for your readers and followers.
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Site Search in 90 seconds — Learn how Site Search can help you increase engagement with your audience, mitigate support requests and increase conversion on your website.

Code-free rollout with exceptional relevance

Intuitive search customization features

Powerful crawler and API platform

Extensive developer tool suite

Secure and distributed cloud infrastructure

Consolidated cross

Your search, your way
Adding search to your website is a simple task with Site Search. Enter your website’s address and Site Search will index your site and create your search engine in real-time. No coding is required, but developers can use our API for extra control.

In no time, you can rollout an intuitive and world-class search experience to your users, readers or customers with all the functionality they expect.

Fully integrated
With complete control over style and functionality, search feels like a core element of your web experience, and not an afterthought, which drives higher engagement and results. Want to keep things even more simple? Use the Site Search Search Overlay, to display results on every web page without any changes to your website’s markup.

Guide users to the content, answers or products that matter most with real-time results right as they type.