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See exactly where every single
customer comes from.
in two minutes you can see what marketing tactics drive real customers (not clicks).

A searchable feed of every action people take on (or off ) your site

Get your bearings
Evaluate your tactics
Connect the dots
Know your people

How to get more customers

See what works (or doesn’t)
Once you have Tend up and running, you’ll have a good understanding of what marketing works for you and what doesn’t. Either way, you won’t need to rely on hopes, hunches and an ouiji board to make your next moves.

Tweak, trim and try new things.
Not everything is going to work. In fact, most things don’t work right away. That’s ok. You’ll have a framework for action. Tweak what’s kinda working, trim what’s not working and try new things.

Get more customers
Getting customers takes a bit of elbow grease, But learn what people respond to and do the work, people will come. The better you get, the more you’ll grow.


What we’re great at
Showing who people are, where they came from and what they did
Connecting marketing tactics and website activity with outcomes
Providing an intuitive overview of what’s going on
Measuring the true impact of marketing efforts over time
Answering very specific questions via search
Triggering simple automated actions in other software via zapier
Setting everything up easily with no developer

Who we’re great for
Ambitious, growing companies that aren’t massive…yet 😉
Companies or organizations that generate leads or sales
Companies that are actively marketing or are planning on marketing
Marketing agencies with clients that match the above


What we’re not so great at
Displaying fancy charts, graphs, heatmaps and whatnot
Providing a big complex marketing automation system
Tracking for companies that have native apps
Being an all in one marketing platform
Page-oriented analytics and metrics

Who we’re not so good for.
Wantrapreneurs or companies without revenue yet
Big companies
Publishers or pure bloggers
Mean people