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Advanced lead collection, distribution and affiliate management. We’ve got it all. Sign up now for a Free Trial. Your Trial is up and running in minutes. No lengthy setup process required.

The right leads, distributed to the right customer, at the right price.
It’s never been easier.

Leads in
At Xzazu we make getting leads into the system as easy as possible. That’s why Xzazu gives you numerous options to get your leads into our system. Ranging from solutions that require no code at all to advanced API integrations.

Lead Distribution is the core of the Xzazu platform: getting the right leads to the right customers at the right price. Xzazu gives you a wide array of options and tools to build your business case.

Leads out
Different customers have different needs. That’s why Xzazu gives you a wide number of options to deliver leads to your customers. And Xzazu makes sure your customer get the leads you sent them and you know they did.

Finance: Xzazu fully supports your Financial Management needs. You can send invoices with just the push of a button, but also automatically. Set credit limits or use Prepayment. And get paid using the Xzazu Stripe integration.

Business Reporting
Knowing exactly where your business stands is key to optimizing your results. That’s where our reports come in. Our reports are amongst the best in the industry. You name it, and we’ve got it.