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Digital Asset Management
A better way for marketing and creative teams to collaborate

DAM and desktop storage unified
Chorus instantly updates project files between the cloud and workstations – both Windows and macOS – meaning your existing workflows continue, uninterrupted.

Files can be edited in creative software without plugins – just click save and you’re done.

Adding the capabilities of DAM to desktop workflows opens up a world of new possibilities. Once you’ve tried it, there’s no going back.

A space for every kind of work
Serving as virtual homes for marketing and creative teams, Chorus’s highly configurable spaces mirror the way you already work.

They’re loaded with smart features and tools that automate and simplify everyday work-in-progress projects. Streamline creation, storage and collaboration – across your organization and beyond.

Everyone on one page
Collaboration needs effective communication. Built-in chat manages your file approval process and keeps everyone on track, attaching team feedback to the files you’re all working on.

Beyond sign-off, track the stages of each file’s activity – from edits to shares and downloads.

Quick and secure collaboration
You don’t have to move your folders somewhere more public to collaborate with others. Simply share that container with individuals, teams – and external contributors, too.

As a configurable digital asset management system, Chorus allows you to control access to your files, from just viewing through to sharing with their own collaborators.

Your finished media, tailored to go
Picture your organization’s images, formatted and cropped to the correct ratio for immediate use. Social, web… you don’t even need to download the files – just copy a link.

You’ll be able to make multiple variants of a single file, without taking up any more storage. Original asset need updating? Edit it, and your changes will cascade to all other versions – even the ones published to web sites.

Your brand, shared with the world
As well as connecting with your CMS, Chorus can publish links to content as branded micro-sites with just one click. It has never been easier to share content libraries online.

Password-protected or fully open, link publishing gives you a branded space to share your content and files with a wider audience.

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Content everyone can find
Adding metadata to files supercharges their usability and saves your workforce precious time. Choose from controlled vocabularies, drop-down lists, visual labels and more, to help them find your media – fast.

Folder and batch editing help you process multiple files efficiently; AI-driven tagging marks up thousands of images almost instantly, and in astonishing detail.

Automated search of your media
Chorus takes search to the next level. Create a smart collection and set rules from a menu of your fields such as keywords, status, labels… whatever you’re looking for.

Every file that matches up will appear there automatically. Once you’ve told a smart collection what to search for, it never stops looking.

Usage and approvals in one place
Spend more time on creative work while the workflow dashboard drives handoff between users and managers.

The dashboard handles approvals and feedback, letting approvers respond to usage requests as soon as they happen.