Empower your campaign with AI-powered products for marketers

Automation, Targeting optimization, and audience discovery are among the top marketer’s challenges today. Trapica’s approach starts with learning and sharing data about your audience across campaigns and media networks, cutting campaign handling by half, driving expected results, and introducing market research, ad security, and more marketing suite tools.
Advertise at Scale

Optimizing at scale allows marketers to keep scaling while maintaining steady conversion costs. Our autonomous scaling product controls your daily budget and only activates scale in the ideal advertising environment.

Stop worrying about daily budget management and focus on the big picture instead.

Independent AI

Trapica AI is built with only one mission – to make marketers’ lives easier. Our AI completes real-time learning and automatically updates your campaigns without any work required from you.

We’re here to help you maximize your ROI and give you time back to spend on creating a successful strategy instead of manual campaign optimization.