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Find out how fast your website is for real users. It’s free and instant.

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Improve the speed of your website to build a better UX, increase conversion, and boost SEO. Treo Site Speed uses Core Web Vitals data from Chrome UX Report (CrUX) and provides the most comprehensive site speed report on the market.

Improve Core Web Vitals
Focus on Core Web Vitals and optimize the quality of user experience across your websites. Also, Core Web Vitals are the next search ranking factors that could help to improve your SEO.

Explore geography
Make sure there are no country-specific issues for your website. The report shows a detailed map for all Web Vitals, devices, and connections.

Filter by devices and connections
Core Web Vitals varies significantly by devices and connection types. Filtering to the right dimension helps to see a clearer picture of your site speed.

Compare with competitors
Benchmark your website with competitors and easily share the link to the report with your co-workers.

Receive monthly updates
Receive an email with the latest site speed metrics for your website. A new dataset is published every second Thursday of every month. Learn more about CrUX updates →

Access terabytes of data
Treo Site Speed uses the raw BigQuery data and caches it on many levels. To get one report, you would need to scan 12 terabytes, which would cost $60. If you are interested in getting the same power (and much more) for your business –
contact us to get a quote (only for the Enterprise plan).

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