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Upclick is a custom e-commerce platform with expertise in sales funnel optimization and monetization for the sale of digital goods and software products. We deliver effortless payment technology solutions while improving conversion rates and overall cart value.
Upclick – About Us
What is Upclick?
Our complete and secure payment technology allows for the easy acceptance of all major payment methods with products displayed in multi-currencies and languages based on the customers’ location. We also provide a custom and optimized branded cart offering a seamless user experience in order to reduce cart abandonment. Our cross-sell expertise also makes us unique in the industry!

Our History
Founded in 2006, Upclick was developed as an in-house cart for one of our sister companies. Our management is composed of e-commerce specialists with over 80+ combined years of experience in online marketing and sales. Upclick has since evolved into a full-service e-commerce technology provider for digital download sales.

Our platform solution combines substantial online marketing experience and testing with our optimized e-commerce platform. Our aim is to generate higher conversion rates (CR) and average revenue per order (ARO).

Our commitment to our value proposition is built on mutual respect and zeal for the platform: coming together to create a powerful, valuable service for the digital goods industry.
Every day we work to create new ways to increase conversions, ARO (Average Revenue per Order) and sales success through best practices, new channels and innovations that help gain an edge in the online marketplace.
Our Expertise
Save Time & Get Expert Results
It’s all in the details.

Over the years our team has developed an expertise in checkout optimization that can be applied to improve any checkout process. We use our innate understanding at a granular level to isolate and test new checkout enhancements with accelerated turnaround time.

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