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Video works. Make it work better.

Video analytics and interactive video platform that delivers proven results

What We Do

Viewbix is a video analytics and technology company that helps companies understand what messages are resonating with their video viewers and how to leverage that data to enrich and empower a more effective video experience.

Actionable Analytics

See exactly how, when & where viewers engage with your video. Leverage that data to become a better story teller and optimize your videos

Cross-platform distribution

Leverage your interactive Viewbix players on multiple platforms and across all devices

Integrated calls to action

Create Interactive video players leveraging our easy to use yet powerful SAAS based platform. Make real time changes with our integrated analytics suite.

Vsense™ – Increase your Video Marketing IQ

Video has become an integral part of corporate marketing  and internal communications plans. However, most companies struggle to understand whether those videos are effective and what parts of those videos are resonating with their audience.

Viewbix’s patented video marketing platform allows companies the ability to quickly and easily drive a meaningful ROI from their on-demand and live videos while providing deep insights into viewer engagement.