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Wordmetrics AI helps
content marketers
get more traffic.
The AI-powered writing platform
that supercharges the visibility
of everything you write.

Don’t just write. Write to rank.
Wordmetrics is a cloud-based SEO workstation for content writers.

Think of it as an SEO-platform for writers
… or a writing platform for SEOs.

… Or the best weapon in your inbound marketing arsenal.With Wordmetrics you’ll write
more effectively for search

… and spend less time doing it.

Write smarter, faster and more profitably.

Live Search Data
You write to drive traffic. Stop guessing whether or not you’re writing “correctly” for search queries. Wordmetrics guides your writing in real-time.

Cloud Based
Wordmetrics’ AI-assisted writing environment is cloud-based and secure. Access, write and optimize your SEO content from any web-browser.

Always Learning
Wordmetrics optimises your posts’ “contextual DNA” for target keywords. Wordmetrics learns from competing pages and boosts relevance to search-intent.

Intelligent taxonomy. Deeper Insight.

SEO has changed

The days of stuffing exact match keywords into your blog posts are over.

Yesterday’s on-page ranking factors matter less and less. Today, search engines use AI and semantic search to match users’ search-intent with relevant content.

Move your SEO to the content creation phase

Using natural language processing and semantic analysis, Wordmetrics learns from competing web pages — and helps you write content that users are searching for.

Now SEO starts the moment you type your first sentence.

Breathe new life into old posts too
Evergreen posts aren’t “forever-green” posts.

Old posts need content optimization too.

Paste existing text into Wordmetrics to keep your evergreen all-stars in top shape — and re-grow your search presence.