30 Day Digital Agency

30 Day Digital Agency

30 Day Digital Agency


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30 Day Digital Agency
Start a digital agency, create your business model, and learn how to get your first clients.

What you’ll learn
How to determine a niche for your agency.
How to create a compelling digital agency website.
How to get clients by networking.
How to manage a sales pipeline so you’re always one step closer to more business.
Motivation to network.
Leadership to run a company.
Good on a computer — this is a digital agency we’re building after all.
30 Day Digital Agency takes you through all the necessary steps required to get your digital agency up and running. We’ll take you through the process of developing your agency’s niche, who to sell to and how, and how to do the work you’re selling to businesses.

Starting your agency requires networking, perseverance, and hard work — especially if you’re going at it alone with hopes to build a team eventually. 30 Day Digital Agency was designed by myself with reference to my journal, networking notes, meeting invites, and more all while I was starting Calaboration to begin with. These are the exact steps I took along with many things I wish I had done when first starting out.

Who this course is for:
Anyone at any age who is comfortable building websites to work for themselves.