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Discover The PROVEN Path To Becoming A Highly-Paid, Respected, And Influential Agency Business While Setting Your Own Terms

The Journey To Building The Service-Based Business You’ve Dreamed Of Owning Starts Here:
There are two big obstacles that stand in the way of growth for every service-based business.

Whether you’re just getting started with your business or you’ve been running an agency for years, it’s inevitable, you’re going to have to face and overcome these obstacles.

Do you know what they are?

According to a recent study I conducted with 149 service-based business owners, you’re probably more familiar with these roadblocks than you’d like.

Here are the most common words the business owners I interviewed used to describe the challenges they face.

Escape the Lack of Clients or Lack of Time Trap
Not enough clients or not enough time.

For most service-based business owners it’s one or the other.

Yet, I am willing to bet your inspiration for starting your own business wasn’t to be consumed by anxiety about how, when, and where you’re going to find your next client…

Or to spend 90 hours a week trying to service your clients, just so you can scrape by, pay the bills, and live to fight another day.

No, like most of us, you are likely looking for a better way.

Running a service-based business is a chance to do the work you love while leading life on your own terms.

More importantly, your business is an opportunity to turn your expertise into the financial asset your job could never become.

But the moment your agency meanders into the not-enough-clients or not-enough-time trap two things happen:

You transform your dream business into a high-stress job that absorbs (NOT enhances) your life.
Your business fails to deliver the security, benefits, time off, or even the pay rate most hourly 9 to 5 jobs offer.
These outcomes are the opposite of your ambitions and inspirations.

And I don’t want you to suffer this fate a single day longer than you have to.

So today, I want to share how you can break free of the not-enough-clients/not-enough-time doom loop and build the business you’ve always dreamed of owning.

The Origins of the Data Driven Story

Hi, I’m Jeff Sauer

You may know me as the founder of Data Driven.

But long before I started my online digital marketing training hub, I was a freelance web developer, a database specialist, and an SEO…

Honestly, I was a freelance “I’ll do whatever you pay me to do within reason.”

Now, fortunately, I found my way out of this phase of my career.

And, I worked my way up to become a partner in an award-winning digital marketing agency.

By adopting the principles I am going to share with you today, my agency grew so rapidly we were recognized as one of Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Businesses five straight years in a row.

Yet, the best part is the fundamentals I’m sharing with you have helped hundreds of others achieve their own business success.

You see, by building your business to avoid the lack-of-clients/lack-of-time trap, you can use your business to create real financial and lifestyle freedom.

I know this because I’ve lived it.

The success of my agency allowed me the freedom and time to not only travel the world but also build Data Driven into a 19,175 members-strong community.



And the 1,000s of Data Driven members who’ve joined my business programs have seen life-changing success as well.

Last year was a record year for me in terms of both revenue and profit


I used the ideas from your course to identify my niche, hustle for meetings with key decision makers and eventually price a value driven proposal for a prospect who responded. After 3 face to face meetings and a long call, we signed a contract with a retainer which is 5x of what I used to charge and a nice setup fee.


So let’s talk about how you can grow your business to support the life you ultimately want to live while achieving your most ambitious financial goals.

The Three Growth Principles you MUST Implement to Create a Highly Profitable and Sustainable Service-Based Business
There are three key principles that comprise the pillars of growth for every service-based business.

Embracing and implementing these principles in your business will allow you to:

Magnetically attract clients to your business
Scale your services while increasing your profits
And manage your business to achieve your growth targets