Certificate in Digital Marketing

Certificate in Digital Marketing

Certificate in Digital Marketing


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Certificate in Digital Marketing

Get your certificate. Learn the practices and strategies, of the world’s most successful online marketers.

What makes this program special

Unlike other courses, the Lowercase Academy Digital Marketing Training Program is based on the methods, practices and strategies used by the world’s most successful online entrepreneurs.

It’s a PRACTICAL course with easy to follow online video sessions, showing you exactly what to do and how to do it. No previous marketing or technical experience required. Even the trained and seasoned digital marketer will find plenty of value-adding tips to create a complete and successful online marketing strategy.

This program offers a TIME EFFICIENT learning experiencing, meaning, you only need to spend a few minutes a day to learn and then put your knowledge into practical use.

How it works

The online training program is a high-impact course consisting of easy-to-follow instructional video sessions.

It’s highly recommended to follow the program in chronological order, as sessions are built on one another. Each session assumes that the knowledge provided in the prior section are attained and fully comprehended.

SUPPORT will be provided throughout the program and will assist on topics covered in this course.

Why choose us

The digital marketing training program was designed, based on the methods and practices of the world’s most successful online entrepreneurs and millionaires. You’ll learn these proven tactics, methods and exactly how to implement these in your own career and business.

The Digital Marketing Training Program: presented by Barry la Grange

Barry is the founder and CEO of Lowercase digital agency with 10 years experience in the online industry; is working with global corporate clients in the areas of Search Engine Optimization; Web Content Management and Digital Marketing Consultation.

Who this course is for:

  • Students, scholars, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to take and market their business online, or want to create a new career in digital marketing, or start an online business.