AI Tools for Digital Marketing

November 20, 2021

AI Tools for Digital Marketing

The AI market industry is projected to be worth $190.61 billion in 2025, according to Semrush. According to Statista,  51% of North America, 52% of Europe, and 49% of Asia-Pacific regions respondents use AI as a primary tool for marketing.

As more and more businesses take advantage of artificial intelligence, savvy industries are transforming to keep abreast of the wave. Artificial Intelligence tools are essential in the realm of digital marketing. These AIs can be used for everything from targeting ads, content creation, and more.

In this guide, we’ll go over some of the mind-blowing AIs used by digital marketers. We’ll consider the impact of not buying into AI as well as some limitations AI faces; rest assured: it will never work without humans in the picture . You’ll also get the answers to a slew of FAQs so you can make intelligent choices for your business. 

Let’s dive in.

A list of Artificial Intelligence tools to be used for digital marketing

Keyword research Tools

Keyword research is essential for SEO and digital marketing. When you know what people are searching for, it’s easier to compete with other companies. Consider these Keyword research tools:


Keyword Fox

KeywordFox will give you lots of long-tail keywords to use for your campaign. The tool also shows you how much traffic there is for different keywords. It does this with an algorithm that can estimate traffic that is accurate and thorough.

KeywordFox is a tool that tells you about the things people want and shows their engagement rates. You can also find your customer’s potential spending power and what product is most popular with them. The tool interface is beginner- and expert-friendly.

The SEO tool has many features that help you rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). 




  • 30-day money-back guarantee offer
  • Detailed reports such as CPC, search volume, keyword difficulty, and real estimated traffic.


KeywordFox starts from a Free plan to $99.95

Keyword Insights

Keyword InsightsYou want to rank higher on Google, but all that manual keyword research is for the birds?

Get Keyword insights, an easy-to-use SEO tool for people who delight in a good hunt. Type in your keywords and this software will show you which ones are worth more attention by clustering them into groups. 

Keyword insights use Geo-specific, live search engine result pages (SERP) data to cluster keywords into groups. They also work out the search intent behind them. This is big. The result will let you know if each keyword in the cluster will need a separate page or if one page will suffice for the cluster group. 


  • Keyword rank tracers
  • Clustering and SERP intent reports

Pricing: Start a Free trial with 750 Credits, and you can also view their different pricing packages here



AlliAiCan’t wait for an on-page audit before optimization? This product intelligently optimizes your site to rank well in Google search results. Alliai offers you the most advanced SEO automation and context-driven recommendations for improvements. 

No more wasting weeks of your time optimizing a page that may or not impacts search engine visibility. With Alliai, you can optimize every single URL on the website in minutes. Just uploading a list of URLs to Alliai will ensure your pages rank well across thousands of key terms.





  • Integrate with all CMS
  • No coding or ticket is required.
  • All your SEO tools in one software
  • Optimization for your business location

Pricing: $249.


Content marketing / copywriting


scalenutYour business needs a strong and convincing story. But it is hard to dedicate enough time and resources for storytelling marketing campaigns. That’s where Scalenut comes in. 

This AI tool scours social media and news sites for trending content that is being shared most. It then uses a link scraper to automatically find the best articles from around the web. All you need to do is enter your company keyword, and the AI tool does all the hard work for you.

Scalenut claims to give you access to every trending article on the web, no matter what industry you are in. It helps creators with content research, planning, development, and delivery control.

Key feature:  

For people who create visual storytelling and thought-leadership content.


Aside from the Free trial, there is a starting pricing of $26 per month. Here are the other pricing options.


BrocaHave you been struggling with driving more ROI for your business? Is your team lagging and needs extra hands working on content creation? Broca helps businesses build content for all types of campaigns at dizzying speeds.

Broca is a content marketing automation and artificial intelligence solution. Its AI makes creating and sharing content so fast that marketers can reach more people without needing an army of writers.

If you are not convinced about the Broca AI content tool’s effectiveness, a glance at their website will clue you in that Broca claims it is written by the AI tool. 


  • Can create content for a new product or promoting of webinars
  • Broca + Google ads help generate new ads ideas and suggestions.
  • Optimizes your content and put your content channel on autopilot

Pricing: Get started with 3 free campaigns and check out their varying prices starting from $49 -$199/ monthly.


SEOCopySo your business is sputtering? Your current website design is old hat? Are you looking for a creative way to boost both Google rankings and business ROI? Well, all you have to do is pick up SEO Copy.

The Creative AI system needs just a few key pieces of information about the product or service to generate copy. 

The software lets you generate SEO-optimized content and copy with the auto keyword suggestion feature. Nothing beats the turnaround time between the original idea and deployment.


  • You can bring old content back to life.
  • Auto keyword suggestion saves you time and effort.


A free plan that allows you to generate 2000 words, then subscription prices of $25 and $39/month.


aioseoAISEO provides top-quality SEO and CRO services for your company’s website or business. It has a ton of unique pattern recognition capabilities to decide on formatting best suited for any topic. 

The software scans for information then gathers related information from raw data that fits your brand voice. By applying repetition and employing language research, the software compiles contextual content. 

The AISEO team is continually developing new features, staying in sync with the ever-changing environment of the web.


  • Readability improver template gets your message across clearly.
  • Copywriting templates to create better content for blogs and websites


5 days free starter, and a subscription of $15 or $34 monthly depending on the package.

Copy AI

CopyAIYou get that sudden itch to send an email or write some copy. But then, the dreaded writer’s block hits, and you’re left staring at a blank screen with unanswered questions: What message should I be sending? How can it entertain these people so they’ll click through? What am I going to do for all the other marketing content I need this week? CopyAI is your best bet. 

Enter your brand name, and generate everything — emails, campaign emails, social media posts, blog titles — in seconds. 

I haven’t come across any copy AI that got more promotion from top writers in the field than CopyAI. The AI is not your regular content creation AI. Paul Yacoubian is the founder of this writing tool. Recently, they announced raising a $11M Series A round a year after CopyAI came into existence .


  • A proven framework that generates Copy that converts
  • More than 70+ tools to explore
  • An improved GPT-3 to write a copy for any product and any audience in seconds.

Pricing: A 7-day free trial that converts to  $35/mo and higher for custom packages


AnywordCreativity and Copy can be two of the most challenging aspects for marketers. It is hard to get across information in a way that people can understand. It can take hours or days to come up with the right words for your audience. That’s why Anyword was built: The Right Words to Sell More. 

With Anyword AI, you will create content that will make customers want to buy from you easily.

When you want to sell something, it is good to write a message about why people should buy it. That way, people will buy it. Anyword can create trillions of personalized conversion copy without repeating itself. You can use the tool to design and create the message for your marketing.


  • Continuous optimization to get the best conversion possible
  • Train the AI with churn content with your brand voice with custom mode

Pricing: The starter price comes in at $19/month, and there are Enterprise and Business packages.



Clearscope is one of the few AI tools that most writers swear by; if you are not using it yet, you are not late to the party. Creating unique, high-quality content is one of the most important things you can do for your online marketing strategy. If no one reads what you write, how are they ever going to take you seriously? 

The software is easy to use and lets you create engaging content tailored for search engines. You give it a keyword phrase and watch as it generates related topics for any social media site, website, or blog platform. It is marketing on autopilot.





  • User-friendly format with tons of templates 
  • Intuitive design which makes publishing easy 
  • Advanced text recognition engines which analyze 650 billion pages 
  • Seamless support with Google Doc add-ons and WordPress plugin

Pricing: $170/month, then $350, and a custom price for the Enterprise subscription. 

Social media


LatelyLately automatically mines and repurposes video, audio and text to take the hassle out of your social media marketing. The AI takes long-form content and breaks it up into bite-size pieces for social media on their schedule.

Lately will comb through long videos, audio, or texts and find the best posts for your audience. It helps businesses plan, publish, and distribute content across all channels at scale. 

Build a more efficient content calendar with Lately—no more complicated spreadsheets and forecasts. Now you can know how much to publish in the next quarter. 


  • Integrations with HubSpot and Up content
  • Video Autogenerator for your marketing purposes

Pricing: Between $350 – $500 monthly, depending on your needs.



If, for you, web analytics are as incomprehensible as Greek is to most of us, these AI tools are for you.


FunnlFunnl is the first all-inclusive analytics tool that helps digital marketers with their websites. It helps them know if they are doing well and what they can do to be better.

The AI helps you identify problems with your site and proffers solutions that will increase the conversion rate with a few questions. Funnl takes the hassle out of web analytics! It tells you what to do and gives insights into what’s happening on your website. 

While you’re busy getting other creative work done, it recommends action that will save you time and money and provides insights into how people use your site or app. You’ll get instant insight on A/B testing.



  • Goal tracking 
  • ‘Ask a question’ feature to know what is working and what is not

Pricing: It is based on data and traffic.


ScrepyWant to start feeding your digital marketing ambition and creativity? Start Screpy-ing!

Screpy is the essential AI-based all-in-one SEO launchpad for any business. This program scans your content directory and finds the keywords you need to rank high in searches. It also gives you data about how to win in socials.

No matter your budget or industry type, Screpy has the answers. Say goodbye to second-hand results because now you have a firsthand solution.


  • Save time with syntax checking. 
  • Find the best keywords for your website. 
  • Monitor page speed to improve user experience.

Pricing: You can start as low as $9/mo for the annual Lite subscription and $12 for the monthly Lite plan.


Conversion Rate Optimization tools (CRO)


ABtesting.aiABtesting will be your favorite AI tool. A/B testing will help you figure out what combinations of headlines, copy, and CTAs are most effective in ensuring conversions. 

What if the AI  could also improve your conversion rates? Well, Abtesting AI does just that. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make your A/B tests better. It can predict how people react to different layouts on your landing page.

You’ll be amazed at its speed. When you deploy it, it gives you an answer within a second. It also provides good metrics for how all your designs are doing in relationship to each other.

Before ABtesting, A/B testing could take days to complete. Now, it can be completed in a few hours using machine learning.


  • Integrate with your favorite site builders like WordPress, Webflow, Wix, and Square.
  • Auto suggestion for Headlines, CTA

Pricing: A free trial and then a $19 starter package for up to 8000 unique visitors and 30 variations monthly.


Facebook ads tools





Say goodbye to campaign failures, and ghost leads with EXOD. This Facebook Ads automation tool has an in-depth understanding of your user persona. It also optimizes ads for your audience, which are, after all, humans. EXOD removes the tedious task of automating your ad campaigns with Facebook’s Ad Manager.

EXOD analyzes your audience’s individual needs and launches custom campaigns in seconds. Do you have an eCommerce store with constant changes in the solicitation? Unsure of what type of audience would be most receptive to your products? 

Let EXOD AI analyze data from tens of thousands of businesses just like yours for instant optimization.



  • Automatic optimization
  • Limitless ads creatives to choose from
  • Access to Shutterstock images and videos

Pricing: Invitation only. Book a demo to see if your business is qualifying 


Create user personas tool




A business is only as good as its personas, so Delve helps marketers generate them on command. Delve is born from the challenge of understanding how different customers use your product. You know, those people who experience it firsthand and understand what works best for them.

This software program does all the hard work for you. It helps you make a digital avatar. The digital avatar can represent any person or business differently, which you can use to make marketing copy and social content.




  • Create a Live persona for your business 
  • Create a competitor persona
  • Create a social persona

Pricing: Live persona starts for $25 for 1K monthly visitors, and the competitor persona goes for $21 for SME.

Competitive intelligence tools


ContifyEver wish you could spend more time on your business and less time combing through data? Then you need Contify. It is a competitive intelligence tool that provides strategic updates from over 200,000 sources. 

Get alerts about new competitors, the latest industry segments, market opportunities, and customer feedback with Contify. The AI return results are tailored to what is essential to your business. There is no shortage of intelligent insights coming your way. Some examples include: 

  1. Who your competitors are targeting as customers
  2. What they’re offering as products or services
  3. The best time to buy their offerings



  • New Feeds APIs
  • Source information from review sites, job boards, press releases, and regulatory portals, etc.

Pricing: You can start a free trial here


Instagram tool



Are you a creative person but don’t have a large fan base on Instagram? If you’d like to grow your Instagram account but don’t want all the headache that comes with it, then Kicksta is the growth tool for you.

Kicksta is the AI-based powered growth tool to help you gain organic followers faster than ever before. Organic growth is key if you want to stop fighting spam bots and fake followers. Kicksta kick starts your Instagram popularity and improves your ROI. 





  • Grow your followers organically
  • Avoid bots, fakes and folks who aren’t your audience


Starting from $49 for a standard plan to $218 per month for Premium and TSM plans. 14-day money guarantee back.


Podcast tool


PodcastleThe Podcastle has everything you need to create and edit professional-quality podcasts. This software uses the latest artificial intelligence technologies to make your recordings sound more realistic. It can remove background noise and crunchy audio recorders with one click.

The AI is a suite of editing tools for podcasters who want an easy-to-use, professional-sounding production. Whether it’s removing static from a recording or adding realistic sound effects, this software has got you covered. Its simple interface takes the headaches out of post-production work.



  • It has an Audio editor
  • Works with Chrome extension
  • Magic dust and revoice editor


$11.99 starter price.


Google Ads tools


quarizmiLong-Tail keywords are those long, generic keyword phrases that you’re not going to find a huge amount of searches for. But if you rank on the first page for them, you can take advantage of a large share of clicks and leads. This is where Quarizmi comes in.

The algorithm is built to take low-volume terms and automatically iterate through Google Ads, so you capture all these potential leads that would go overlooked by your campaign.

Quarizmi was built to help marketers, and SEO specialists overcome the limits in Google Ads to get unmatched service when it comes to Google Ads work. It does the job through a combination of automation and human intelligence.




  • Ads are hyper-relevant to your business
  • Generates thousands of long-tail keywords for your business

Pricing: It is based on results.


Pudding.AiWant to ensure that the ads are driving the results you wish for? Do you ever feel like it’s too difficult to keep momentum with creative ads? As a digital marketer, you might need to check ads, deal with ad fatigue, find new colors or fonts, and optimize saturation of color.

With Pudding, you can take a step back and watch the AI generate tons of creative performance in real-time.

Pudding measures the creativity performance of digital advertising messages. They use algorithms to analyze how your messages perform and help you take strategic, actionable steps to improve them.



  • Valuable insights for future ad campaigns
  • You can share important data with other team members

Pricing: There is a plan to your business


Video tools


Rephrase.aiCreate quick and easy-to-make transparent AI-Generated Narrator videos. Build your customer journey or campaign while the API automates the videos. 

Imagine marketing a product to medical professionals and wanting to grab their attention with their jargon. You just need to type in some script or provide the AI with your campaign objectives. Voila, Rephrase! 

Your AI voice automatically generates one or more videos according to its internal algorithm while keeping true to the clinical tone of voice customers are used to. Build your storyboard while avoiding any hassle related to design, animation, budgeting for actors, and the like.


  • Ease to integrate with other tools
  • Get a professional marketing and advertising video at an affordable price.

Pricing: It varies depending on your use case.


Creating a good marketing video is not for the faint-hearted. You need a reasonable budget, at least enough to buy a camera and hire an actor. If all these make you feverish, then you need Synthesia. With this AI-based software, you do not need anyone’s equipment to create a video that converts your target audience.

Get your message across effectively in more than 50+ languages with this AI. There is no better way to communicate with any market than their traditional language. This offers you and your unparalleled business opportunities for engagement. 



  • Create compelling marketing video from text
  • It has both in-built and custom avatars.


With $30, you get a personal plan with at least 10 videos for the month.


Email tool


The money is in the list, they say. But what they don’t say is to get that money, you need to drive maximum performance and engagement with your email marketing program.

This is where Seventh Sense comes in. It helps digital marketers with targeted segments, smarter promo emails, personalized email content, and effective calls-to-action. That’s because it helps them with everything they need to succeed at scale.

Your subscribers’ inboxes are filled with tons of noisy sales emails, and so you need to win their trust to increase your opening rate. Seventh Sense is your perfect assistant when it comes to creating email campaigns. 




  • Ease Integration with HubSpot and Marketo
  • AI determines the best send time and email frequency for each contact


Starting at $140/month for up to 20,000 HubSpot contacts


Live chat tool


SolvvyTwo things every business worries about are customer retention and churn rate. These are key factors indicating the health of your company’s growth. If you have a higher churn rate than retention, then something is wrong.

Solvvy is designed to help businesses give a great customer experience to their customers. Solvvy’s automation and bots work on all your websites, messaging, and email channels of your business. 

Choose from a range of pre-made flows to quickly configure the perfect experience for every customer. Use powerful triggers to send personalized messages on-demand across all your platforms.


  • Get customer issues resolved faster.
  • Offers solutions for both supports and shoppers.
  • Integrate with Salesforce, Zendesk, Kustomer and Oracle.

Pricing: You can find the plan that suits your business here


Frequently asked questions about AI marketing tools

The following are frequently asked questions about the AI tools used for digital marketing.

Which AI machine is a popular tool used in the marketing field?

The answer depends on who you ask. Tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, DropBox are common in the digital marketing world. Here is a good list of the most popular tools in marketing.

What AI tools to use?

There are no definite answers to what or which AI tools digital marketers should use. This is because you best know which one your business needs to scale up at any particular time. 

For any marketer or business to stay on top of their game, one must understand there are many options when it comes to using AI software. Here are two excellent categories: 

  • Scheduler – Helps schedule events between multiple platforms.
  • Task Manager – This tool allows users to see how their time has been spent across different projects. 

Which companies are using AI for marketing?

Amazon, Alibaba, Starbuck, and a host of other companies are just a few popular brands that use AI for marketing. Almost all the top brands and businesses are using AI for marketing in one way or the other. See the best 10 examples by Forbes.

How will AI help make better marketing decisions?

AI is quickly becoming one of the most effective tools for making better marketing decisions. 

AI can help us with sector-specific targeting, personalization based on customer interest, and more personalized offers than ever before — all while reducing overall spending. 

Through CRM, many businesses can communicate effectively with their potential clients and customers. 

Several of these functions are easily identifiable in brands like Netflix and Spotify, which use AI to personalized users’ recommendations. 

What’s the best way to use social media AI?

Considering that the market value of AI in social media was worth $815.33 million in 2020, The use of social media AI is becoming more and more popular. Social Media AI is used to help businesses with their social media marketing. 

It can automate tasks like posting, scheduling posts for specific times or dates. This AI will optimize posts based on what the algorithm believes are the most important factors, such as engagement rate, etc. Here are other ways to use social media AI:

What role can artificial intelligence play in digital marketing?

The role of artificial intelligence in digital marketing can be incredibly valuable. AI is becoming more and more sophisticated, improving what many would say are the most tedious parts of our job. From keyword research to competitive analysis, AI generates insights that would be impossible for humans to find on their own.

There are certain roles in digital marketing — like SEO, SEM, and content marketing — that human hands can’t possibly do as quickly or accurately as AI. This is especially true if you consider these technologies as a team, each working off its strengths. Consider these ways:

  • AI speeds up the production of content in various formats and types
  • AI can hyper-personalize the customer experience by analyzing their profiles to cater to individual needs
  • AI has been deployed and effectively improved customer experience through the chatbox
  • AI makes it a snap to A/B test your ads so you can optimize them and see what works best
  • AI is an effective tool for advertisers who want more control over how they market their products or services

And as you’ve noticed, the entire article is centered on how AI can be used in digital marketing.

Is digital marketing going to be automated?

Digital marketing is not going to be fully automated. And yes, some of its tasks could and have become automated with the help of AI tools. However, since change is the only constant and how people interact with brands is evolving at quantum rates, it is hard to tell what the future holds.

Automation is the process of using machines to do things that people would generally do. It is commonly used in industries like production and packaging, reducing the number of workers needed and increasing efficiency. 

Digital marketing AI can be used in marketing strategies and automating tasks such as emailing or social media advertising. This enables marketers to focus on more complex functions like overseeing large marketing campaigns or conducting market research.

Will AI take away marketing jobs?

No, AI will only take over repetitive tasks that are not satisfying to human minds.

The majority of jobs currently done by marketers are not like this and thus will stay in the hands of humans.

Marketing is about coming up with creative ideas for products that people want to buy. It asks questions like “How can we get more customers?” “How can our product stand out amongst the competition?” These insights take deep consideration of the human psyche, which is something that AI cannot mimic.

What’s the future of digital marketing?

It’s hard to say what digital marketing will look like in the future. There are several factors to consider, and there is no clear, discernible pattern that we could reverse engineer. Here’s our best guess:

Here is an interesting article on what the future of digital marketing looks like.

What jobs can AI not replace?

AIs are getting smarter, and people are asking reasonable questions. They want to know whether or not AI will replace or can’t replace their job. made a list of ten jobs AI can’t replace. Here you have them:

  1. Human Resource Managers
  2. Sales Managers
  3. Marketing Managers
  4. Public Relations Managers
  5. Chief Executives
  6. Event Planners
  7. Writers
  8. Software Developers
  9. Editors
  10. Graphic Designers

AI will always need some degree of human intervention. Even if robots had enough intelligence to replace all but the most complex jobs on their own, society would never allow it. The bottom line is that not only can’t AI take your job away—it probably shouldn’t.

Which jobs will survive artificial intelligence?

We’re still so early in the development of artificial intelligence that it’s hard to say for sure which jobs will survive and which won’t. But we do know what some of the AI can already do, and it could lead to a dramatic shift in the workforce as more and more tasks become automated.

AI is starting to take over many of the tasks that humans have traditionally done, including ones like data entry, translation, and even writing. That means we’ll need fewer people doing those kinds of jobs — and eventually, we may be able to automate entire professions altogether.

Kai-Fu Lee, an AI expert and CEO of Sinovation Ventures and author of “AI Superpowers,” said AI will take over 50% of jobs in the next 15 years. However, humanistic tasks that involve personal, creative, and compassionate tasks will survive.

What are the disadvantages of using AI in Marketing?

Like every good thing, there is always the other side, and AI is not an exception. Here are some of the disadvantages of the use of AI in marketing:

  • AI may not be able to understand the customer’s preferences.
  • AI cannot distinguish between quality products and poorly made products.
  • AI cannot build up trust with customers over time due to a lack of empathy and compassion.
  • AI only has the potential to learn from data from one perspective.
  • Inaccurate data can affect AI in ways so that it does not work properly, processing information incorrectly, or being unable to process certain information at all.
  • Inaccurate data can also lead to operational malfunctions in the machine learning system, which makes it difficult for the agents within a company to work with it because of the increased risk of errors in decision making.

You may want to consider the limitations of AI in marketing to learn more further.


The world of artificial intelligence is evolving. In the past, AI has been used to automate tasks and make humans more efficient. Now it can be leveraged by marketers for various digital marketing purposes, including improving search rankings, creating personalized content, or increasing customer conversions. 

We hope that we’ve provided some insight into the world of AI marketing and what it can do for your business. This list should help you narrow down your search for a marketing tool that meets your needs and budget. Which one would you start with?