Conversion Tracking for Digital Marketing in 2021

Conversion Tracking for Digital Marketing in 2021

Conversion Tracking for Digital Marketing in 2021


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Conversion Tracking for Digital Marketing in 2021

A comprehensive guide to correctly implementing tracking and analytics for all your digital marketing campaigns
The course is recorded inside the actual marketing platforms and tools, walking you through how to setup everything you need. After completing the course you will already have setup all your tracking according to best practice as I walk you through it during the course.  After completion you will also have a thorough understanding of different tracking techniques and options available to you.

Course topics include but are not limited to:

  • UTM Parameters: what are they, how to setup and track in Google Analytics – walkthrough
  • Tracking Pixels: Facebook & LinkedIn tracking pixel installation walkthrough including custom conversions and custom audience setup
  • Google Tag Manager: Adding tags and event tracking with GTM
  • Google Analytics for Google Ads: An indepth look at how Google Analytics can support Google Ads practice
  • Landing Page Tracking: Tracking setup for landing pages
  • Call Tracking: A thorough understanding of how call tracking works, the advantages and a look inside Avanser.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand what UTM Parameters are & how to use them and track campaigns properly
  • Setup conversion tracking for all the major advertising platforms – Google, Facebook, Linkedin and more
  • Understand what Google Tag Manager is and how to use it for better pixel tracking and event tracking setup
  • Learn how to track specific events like button clicks on your site rather then just page views and destination url’s
  • Utilise current marketing budgets better with better tracking systems
  • Gain a thorough understanding of Google Analytics specifically geared towards tracking marketing campaigns
  • Learn about tracking for landing pages
  • Learn how to install ecommerce tracking and enhanced ecommerce tracking for Google Analytics
  • An in-depth look at call tracking and the advantages it brings

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone new to digital marketing and wants to track campaigns properly
  • Anyone running digital marketing campaigns looking to improve their campaign tracking
  • Anyone looking to increase their knowledge and expertise in Analytics tracking