Creating Assets for Your Email Marketing Campaign

Creating Assets for Your Email Marketing Campaign

Creating Assets for Your Email Marketing Campaign


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Creating Assets for Your Email Marketing Campaign
Learn how subject lines, graphics, writing, calls-to-action (and more!) all work together. Every message you write deserves your care and attention, because that’s what will in turn inspire the best results.
An email campaign is bigger than any single message. Every message you send must be thoughtfully, intelligently created to inspire a specific action, and to support your campaign goals.

In Creating Assets for Your Email Marketing Campaigns, you’ll learn how to tackle every aspect of creating an email message. You’ll understand how to craft subject lines that increase open rates, write body copy that keeps your reader engaged, create calls to action that really work, and use advanced (and fun!) visual tactics to enhance the entire subscriber experience.

You’ll also discover the importance of architecture and layout, and you’ll learn what the most crucial factors are in good email design. You’ll see exactly how to build templates for your email messages—and how to customize them for each campaign. You’ll speed up your creation process without sacrificing personalization, quality, or results.

1 Design email layouts using message architecture
2 Create subject lines that will appeal to your audience and inspire them to open your messages
3 Create calls to action designed to motivate recipients to do what you want them to do—complete the action that supports your stated campaign goals
4 Set up email templates for each type of message you’ll be sending
5 Use advanced, fun visual tactics to design more effective emails