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eCommerce MasterPlan



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eCommerce MasterPlan – Eager to get your eCommerce MasterPlan up and running quickly? Well, the fastest way is to join the Online Training Course ‘Create Your eCommerce MasterPlan’.

It’s a 9 part video course (with supporting workbook) that will take you through building your eCommerce MasterPlan step by step.

The Create Your eCommerce Master Plan program is perfect for you if:

You’re looking to improve your knowledge of eCommerce in preparation for getting your business up and selling
You have a business that’s selling online that you’re ready to get serious about
You’re thinking of starting to sell online and want to know what it takes and how to succeed
You’re an online marketer looking to up-skill for the next job opportunity in eCommerce marketing
Key Details:

9 video lessons
9 workbooks
You have access to them all on day one
There is one video for each of the 9 Chapters in the eCommerce MasterPlan 1.8 – The course modules are:

Video 1. Identify your eCommerce Business Structure
Choosing the right structure so that your business can accommodate and support your eCommerce goals. How to choose the right structure, implement it, and most importantly, how to stick to it!
Video 2. Identify the Scale of your Product Range
Assess the scale of products you wish to offer. How to select a niche market, and the benefits of doing so.
Video 3. Differentiate your business
Where do you fit into your industry, and how do you stand out from your competitors? Identify the key components of your business that support and drive your company identity, branding, and marketing.
Video 4. Build the right website
How to create a website that facilitates eCommerce. What platform to use, how to build web traffic, and the methods of, and barriers to, generating sales.
Video 5. Build your business for profit and growth
Examining pricing, margins and profit. Will you be able to sell products at a competitive price whilst covering your costs and making a profit?
Video 6. Select your products and promotions
How to identify and meet demand. Choosing products, pricing them, and when and how to discount. What does your market want, and what sells well?
Video 7. Research your marketing plan
Understanding customers, undertaking research, assessing competitors. Completing SWOT analyses, choosing marketing channels, using research to drive marketing.
Video 8. Creating your marketing plan
Making your marketing plan fit with your brand and your eCommerce Master Plan. What will you do, when will you do it, and how much will it cost?
Video 9. Test, measure and optimise your marketing
How to test, what to test, and how to use the results to adapt your strategy and marketing plan.