Introduction to Email List Growth

Introduction to Email List Growth

Introduction to Email List Growth


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Influencer Marketing with Daymond John

In this mini-course, taught by Daymond John, learn his tips for finding your brand evangelist and leveraging the power of influencer marketing.

How to leverage an influencer’s network
How to create a partner in a brand
How to manage exponential growth
Module 1: How to Get Started with Influencer Marketing

Lesson 1: How to Leverage an Influencer’s Network

Lesson 2: A ‘No’ is an ‘Absolute Maybe’

01 |Module 2: How to Find Your Brand Evangelist

Lesson 1: How to Create a Partner in the Brand

Lesson 2: When an Influencer Doesn’t Like a Product or Vision for the Company
Introduction to Email List Growth

In this free course taught by Ben Jabbawy, CEO & Founder of Privy, you’ll learn the tactics and practical tips to skyrocket your email list growth.

The importance of building email relationships with potential customers
Discover the Privy framework for building a revenue generating email list
Students will walk away with a tactical playbook they can implement for building their email list
Module 1: Introduction to Email List Growth

Lesson 1: The Importance of Building an Email List

Lesson 2: The Process of Building a List

Lesson 3: The Privy Framework for Email List Growth

01 |Module 2: Audiences and Triggers

Lesson 1: Your Audience

Lesson 2: When to Load your Form – Triggers

02 |Module 3: The Forms and Offer

Lesson 1: What Should Your Form Say?

Lesson 2: Sign-Up Rate Benchmarks

Lesson 3: Different Ways to Display a Form

Lesson 4: Copywriting Tips

03 |Module 4: After Signup Confirmations

Lesson 1: Signup Confirmations

04 |Module 5: A Playbook for Growing your Email List

Lesson 1: A List Growth Playbook and Examples You Can Steal
02 |Module 3: Take Charge of your Marketing Destiny

Lesson 1: You’ve Already Got Past the Hardest Part

Lesson 2: How to Manage Exponential Growth