Introduction to Email List Growth

Introduction to Email List Growth

Introduction to Email List Growth


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Introduction to Email List Growth

In this free course taught by Ben Jabbawy, CEO & Founder of Privy, you’ll learn the tactics and practical tips to skyrocket your email list growth.

  • The importance of building email relationships with potential customers
  • Discover the Privy framework for building a revenue generating email list
  • Students will walk away with a tactical playbook they can implement for building their email list

Module 1: Introduction to Email List Growth

Lesson 1: The Importance of Building an Email List

Lesson 2: The Process of Building a List

Lesson 3: The Privy Framework for Email List Growth

01 |Module 2: Audiences and Triggers

Lesson 1: Your Audience

Lesson 2: When to Load your Form – Triggers

02 |Module 3: The Forms and Offer

Lesson 1: What Should Your Form Say?

Lesson 2: Sign-Up Rate Benchmarks

Lesson 3: Different Ways to Display a Form

Lesson 4: Copywriting Tips

03 |Module 4: After Signup Confirmations

Lesson 1: Signup Confirmations

04 |Module 5: A Playbook for Growing your Email List

Lesson 1: A List Growth Playbook and Examples You Can Steal