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Keyword Research
About this course

Keyword Research is a critical skill required by every digital marketer. Once you have a strong foundation for researching and assessing keywords, you’ll discover how impactful this capability is, whether for developing content or building new businesses.

In this class you will discover how to organize keyword research around semantic topic groups using a variety of tools. Understanding semantic topic groups is essential for creating content that aligns with how search engines “see” content your on your site. It is also essential when developing your competitive strategy.

This is an applied class focused not only on concepts, but also on implementation. You will find some very practical tips on how to organize your research, scale research processes, and save time when developing content ideas.

Some highlights from this class:

How to compare different keywords and find the best one
How to create large lists of keywords, organized by competitive topic area
How to align keyword research to the sales funnel
Scaling keyword list development
How to quickly develop blog topic ideas
How keyword rank positions relate to site traffic