SEO ReVamped Unlocked

SEO ReVamped Unlocked

SEO ReVamped Unlocked


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SEO ReVamped Unlocked
Are You Ready to Launch a Succesful SEO Campaign?

SEO ReVamped is a comprehensive training series providing an over the shoulder view of what it takes to map out a successful SEO campaign.

Mark shows the exact steps and strategies he uses to find out what the top-ranking competition is doing correctly, what tactics are needed to bring the target site into parity, and how to create the campaign maps that will be the guiding strategy documents for an effective SEO campaign, all based on data.

Course Content
Setting Up Your Campaign 3 Topics
Site Analysis 6 Topics
Backlink Analysis 4 Topics
Campaign Mapping 3 Topics
On-Page Strategy 4 Topics
Content Strategy 6 Topics