Set Up Beacons & Proximity Marketing – 2018 Masterclass

Set Up Beacons & Proximity Marketing – 2018 Masterclass

Set Up Beacons & Proximity Marketing – 2018 Masterclass


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Set Up Beacons & Proximity Marketing – 2018 Masterclass

FULL FEATURE, DO IT ALL For Free! Set Up Beacons, Analytics, Campaigns, Landing Pages and So Much More.

What you’ll learn

  • You will be able to set up a variety of the best Bluetooth beacons, track their analytics, change their messages, and have them perform advanced functions.

What’s Included?

  • Step By Step Video Guides – We will show you every step of the beacon setup process on video and explain it in a clear and easy to follow way. We make a breeze to follow along, giving you tips and tricks along the way.
  • Beacons! Direct From The Manufacturer – Don’t pay $60 per month to re sellers. I will show you the best beacons starting at 10$ per unit and ZERO MONTHLY FEES OR ACTIVATION FEES.
  • Exclusive Knowledge On How To Optimize Your Beacons – Its easy to optimize your beacon settings… once you understand how.
  • Learn Everything About Beacons! – Not just how to set them up and use them. We will tell you how they work, where they evolved from, the science, and how that all effects you and your strategies.
  • Open Your Targets Apps! – An absolute breakthrough in proximity marketing capability which has over double the click of the usual URL and text ads, and 5x the rate of a simple URL only.
  • 35+ videos! Adding New Content Constantly – This course gives you the complete knowledge of how to set up proximity marketing beacons, where to buy the best ones, how to most effectively use them, how they work, advanced strategies, and more!
  • An Insider Only Facebook Group – As the industry advances and new strategies are developed, be the first to hear about it and discuss with other proximity marketing graduates how to achieve better results. We will be present to offer assistance in all matters.
  • Walk-Through Of Four Manufacturers Beacon Selection – A video guide on all products offered by the top four beacon manufacturers with explanations of which are best for what purpose.
  • How To Make Money With Beacons – We show you the best services to offer to make income using beacons.
  • Simple Click Tracking Analytics and a workflow solution to do complete setup and management on a smartphone. Know exactly when and how many clicks a beacon is getting, for free!
  • The Absolute Best – NOBODY Not Royaltie, Asirvia or the handful of fake copycats who offer junk expensive services like landing pages or coupon builders have better features than we show here. Don’t waste your money on scams, do it yourself easily.

Who this course is for:

  • Marketers, Digital Agencies, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Salespeople. Anybody who has a message that needs to be spread