Traffic Think Tank Live 2020

Traffic Think Tank Live 2020

Traffic Think Tank Live 2020


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Traffic Think Tank Live brings together a selection of the world’s leading marketing experts to deliver tactical sessions on SEO, content strategy, automation, and more.

During the second of our annual Traffic Think Tank Live events, we heard from the likes of Kevin Indig on what he found from analyzing over 100,000 keywords, Jackie Chu on how to get buy-in for your ideas at large companies like Uber and Dropbox, Jon Cooper on how he scales link building with a deep focus on measuring ROI… and that’s just a small sample of the sessions.

What you’ll learn

After you’ve been through all of these sessions you’ll have an understanding of the following areas:

How you can use python to automate parts of your keyword research.
Using Chrome developer tools to create SEO audits and examples.
How to measure the ROI of your link building campaigns.
The impact that COVID-19 has had on search.
How the SERPs have been changing over the past few years (and how to adapt).
How to leverage data to create press-worthy content campaigns.
How to influence internal stakeholders to get buy-in for your ideas.
How to work with myriad JavaScript frameworks to avoid SEO issues.