YouTube Ranking Master Class


YouTube Ranking Master Class
How To REALLY Get Views and Make Money On YouTube With No FLUFF!
Course Curriculum
YTRMC 2.0 Updates
Welcome to YTRMC 2.0!
YTRMC 2.0 – Lesson #1 – Live 1st Page Ranking and 4 Types of YouTubers + Channel Strategies
YTRMC 2.0 – Lesson #2 – Branding Your Channel
YTRMC 2.0 – Lesson 3 – The Viral Secret Seasoning For Your Channel – The Million View Idea
YTRMC 2.0 – Lesson #4 – Ranking High Traffic Keywords!
YTRMC 2.0 – Lesson #5 – How To Find Viral Video Ideas In Any Niche To Test
YTRMC 2.0 – Lesson #6 – Growth Strategy For Whats Working Now (Behind the Scenes on one of my growing channels)
YTRMC 1.0 – The Complete Guide To Ranking Videos And Building A Business With YouTube
Lesson 1 – Ways To Make Money With Youtube
Lesson 2 – Ranking A Video Step by Step Demonstration
Lesson 3 – Golden Nugget Keyword Strategy For Finding Buyer Keywords
Lesson 4 – Bonus Tool Demo For Graphics & Creating Thumbnails for Videos Easily
Lesson 5 – Finding Content And Special Tool Demo
Lesson 6 – Get Viral Views!
Lesson 7 – Getting More Eyes On Your Videos (Most Don’t Know This)
Lesson 8 – Getting HOT Buyer Leads For Your Business
Lesson 9 – Creating a Marketing System & Landing Page Tutorial 1
Lesson 10 – Landing Page Tutorial 2
Lesson 11 – Domains VS Link Shorteners and Why This Is Important
Lesson 12 – How To Get Instant Traffic To Any Link Without Any Work
Thank You And Good Luck!
Great Source To Find Trending Content For Videos
How To Brand Your Videos To Protect You And Earn You More
The Micro Channel Strategy
One Big No No On YouTube
Submitting Videos To Search Bots To Speed Up Ranking
Smart Video Tag Generator
Automating Expired Domain Search And Research Strategy
Money Video Funnel Part 1
Money Video Funnel Part 2
Fixing Blocked URL/Link Issues With Forwarding
Automated Strategy To Share Your Content For More Views, Leads and Sales
Streaming Live On YouTube
PLR Reselling
Copyright Free Video and Audio Tool – Create Pro Level Videos Easy!
YouTube Ads 101