Alt Creative


We help organizations create online success.

Message-Driven Design
We take the time to learn about your design needs AND your company – your successes, challenges, goals and audience. Whether you need a new website or help marketing your current one, we believe that communicating your brand and value to the customer is the top priority. Therefore, we create quality designs and execute high-level marketing strategies driven by your content and your messaging.

Our approach to creating websites is a little different than the traditional web design process. Alt Creative practices what we call the “design-in-development” process of web design. This means we integrate the design and coding processes so that global design elements and design changes can happen in the development environment.

Instead of creating a pixel-perfect image mockup of what we want the site to look like and then slicing it into HTML/CSS code (i.e. the traditional way), we plan for the design by creating wireframes of the layout and then designing all of the elements during the development phase. This way, the “mockup” of the site is actually a fully-functional version of the design setup in a development environment for the client to see. We find this helps facilitate an agile design process and efficient development timeline.

Make no mistake, though. We definitely plan for the design before the development process occurs so we can make sure that the site we are creating drives the marketing message and reflects the client’s brand and story.