Armash K.


Are you looking for someone who has deep understanding of Digital Marketing? Are you in search of someone who simply “gets” it? Then I am definitely your guy-to-go!

I’ve been running Facebook and Google Ads for over 2 years now. I don’t just manage the technical aspects of the Ads but I am also a pioneer Copywriter and I write winning Ads and Sales copies.

I’ve in-depth knowledge of paid advertising and I can even help my clients come up with an effective marketing strategy. Once we have the right strategy in mind, then I go on to do my Deja-Vu targeting to reach the right customers and writing killer Ads that simply get the prospects to convert!

Don’t want to take my word for all of it? No problem! Simply shoot me a message or hire me and I guarantee you that you’ll have found your next Marketing Specialist for years to come!