Dominic B.


When a customer visits your website, you have about five seconds to capture his attention, or he’s gone.

That’s why your “Homepage”, “Landing page” or else should be clear on your offering.

In fact, the worst thing you could do is make someone THINK!

To sell your customer on your offering, you need to make sure you explain WHY you’re the solution to their problems.

Here are five things to pay attention when creating website content:

1- Your product’s offering must be simple to read. (Don’t assume everyone instantly “gets” the benefit of your offer the way you do)

2- Create emotion when describing your value proposition (write it in a way that clearly describes it at useful, unique, ultra-specific, and urgent)

3- Your website section must be organized (Don’t add tangential thoughts or ancillary services)

4- Less is more (Make your first paragraph short, no more than 1-2 lines)

5- The tone must be adapted to your audience. (Understand the target market)

Complicated theories might make copywriters look smart, but it doesn’t lead to great copy. Great copy is simple, elegant, and authentic — period.

That’s why I offer:
-Website Copy to capture your brand, product/service offering and turn visitors into paying customers;
-Landing pages designed to efficiently test/validate an offering, sell your product or build an audience (i.e email list);
-About us page to tell your story and connects with your customers emotionally;
-Call-to-action (CTAs): clear and enticing to ensure your website copy actually converts;
-Email Copy that entertains through storytelling, add value by giving useful information and persuade customers to finally click on that “Buy” button.
-SEO (keyword searching/writing optimization) to put your marketing effort on auto-pilot;
-Marketing strategy/consulting to position your business offering in front of the right customer;
-Growth strategy: how to find your ideal customer and convert them;
-Informative and technical content (Real estate, tech, legal, finance);

If you think we should work together, send me an invite here on Upwork. Please include some detailed information — at a minimum, what your company does, and what you’re looking to accomplish.