Emilie H.


I’m here to help you build profitable Social Media Campaign, generate more sales, increase your ROI & reach low costs per lead.

I will provide you with the following:

✧ Research Your Audience. There are zero benefits from placing your advertisement in front of an audience that has no need for it. On the flip side of this, getting your product onto the screen of someone who needs it will lead to sales. I will research your ideal audience to ensure you are targeting the right people.

✧ Make Your Adverts Engaging. I will work closely with you to design compelling, engaging, and eye-catching advertisements.

✧ Conversion Boosting Landing Pages. I will develop your landing pages so that they are optimised to capture leads and convert customers.

✧ Lead and Conversion Tracking. You must be able to track the progress and movement of leads and conversions from whatever method you are using to engage with them – online forms, phone calls, emails, etc. Knowing what stage of your sales funnel they are at will allow you to have more targeted communication.

✧ Optimise Your Sales Funnel. Making sure your funnel is making the right touches at the right time is essential to maximizing conversions. I will ensure that your funnel is optimized to achieve maximum conversions.

How We Create Your Strategy Together:

✧ Discovery: I want to understand your business as much as possible, and I start this process by learning what makes you unique.

✧ Market Research. I also need to understand your market, so I will conduct comprehensive market research. This research allows me to target the right audience, understanding their behaviours, demographics, and interests. Once we know this, we can create high-converting advertisements.

✧ Create Your Campaign. I will devise a campaign designed to bring you new customers.

✧ Agree on the Strategy. I will walk you through the proposed strategy step by step. You will have the opportunity to input at all stages, and you will have final approval before launching the campaign.

✧ Launch & Campaign Management. Once launched, I will monitor your campaign and adjust it accordingly to maintain maximum impact.

NOTE: I am getting started with Facebook Ads and I am willing to build my case studies – hence the reason why my prices are low at the moment. This is a UNIQUE opportunity for you! I am part of a mastermind of highly successful Facebook Marketers and I know all the latest tips, tricks and strategies to make your Ads successful. I can ASSURE you that you are in good hands. I am HIGHLY motivated and hard-working – your satisfaction is my number 1 priority.

Ready to invest in growing your business? Send me a message so we can see if we’re a good fit. I look forward to speaking with you very soon!