Fawad B.



From past 5 years I’ve been in this telemarketing business and ive always given my clients what they need i.e dedication, top notch support, positive response and satisfaction!

I’ve worked on several projects
(US based)

1. VA Real Estate (appointment setting)
2. House mortgage (live transfer)
3. Auto insurance (live transfer)
4. Global tech (appointment setting)
5. Final expense (lead gen)
6. Solar (appointment setting)
7. Nation star mortgage (live transfer)

By working on these projects i’ve mastered my telemarketing skills and ive always satisfied my clients and i believe quality above quantity and not to be a seller but a consultant.

I’ve also worked as team-lead and project manager in a renowned company Toucustone.

I dont have any degree but i have those skills in my aresnal which will give you 100% guaranteed satsifaction.

Looking forward to work with you.