The days of reliance on a single marketplace for audience and sales are over. Brands are taking back control of their growth, building data independence and choosing the best from a concert of marketplaces – as an agnostic strategy.

Instead of expensive agencies or sizable in-house teams, the alternative is to manage eCommerce growth through purpose-built software and adaptable expertise.

Automate your growth and scale process – not just your media bidding.

As the world’s first eCommerce Growth Platform, Finch was born to evolve.

Named for the most adaptive species on the planet, Finch has continually focused on one thing: eCommerce growth. That’s it. We’re a simple bunch of tech heads and eCommerce experts ruthlessly focused on enabling businesses to break-through the glass ceiling of growth and scale their operations through proprietary technology and proven strategies.

Over the years, Finch has realized brands needed more than just Google Ads management and automation. Brands needed a new way to grow their business, manage their team, and a tangible, transparent way to observe and take action across multiple advertising data sources.

Luckily, Finch designed their platform to evolve and become infinitely adaptable – to accommodate not only emerging channels, but a refined way to program-manage the tasks associated with growth.

True to its evolutionary roots, Finch was rebuilt as the world’s first platform to plan, manage and deliver eCommerce growth across multiple channels. Backed by domain expertise from around the world, Finch became what it is today: a platform focused on growing businesses – not just campaigns.

The Finch team continues to evolve the platform with the introduction of a templated format to reduce busy work and concentrate team-efforts around new opportunities, and the growing demands of an ever-changing industry.